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E-commerce In 2018

The E-commerce segment is growing really fast. Each year, we observe a 20% increase there. Online trade market takes 10% and this figure is expected to increase at 11.5% in 2018. Total sales have surpassed $2.3 billion in 2017. As you can see, this is a major market that shows significant annual progress. Many software companies have become aware of this movement and developed flexible e-commerce platforms. Nevertheless, not everybody has coped to succeed in gaining popularity and trust. Let's take a look at the most famous e-commerce platforms of 2018. Trust me, you can save up money on this. Still, it's vital to estimate the cost of web development.

Below we'll examine the most famous Content Management System for online stores together with hosting platforms. Online shops may be created on the basis of open source Content Management System. All information is kept on your server.

The most famous Content Management Systems are Magneto, Woocomerce, PrestaShop, and more. Hosting e-commerce platforms may limitate the incorporated functions and place the website in their own facilities. Nonetheless, it's worth to notice the ease of using it. Normally, hosting programs has a monthly fee of $10 to $200. The most famous businesses are Shopify and BigCommerce. Although decentralization is the mainstream, to be ready you need to be familiar with the details of ICO.

Best Content Management System for Online Store

E-commerce CMSs suit fit for moderate and large-scale companies. A lot of plugins enable you to add advanced functionalities and opportunities. The system has content management capabilities. Moreover, it'll also allow you to make a distinctive design.

Magento is among the most famous e-commerce Content Management System platforms for online stores. And what's noteworthy is that it's among the most expensive and demanding server tools at the same time. The system has content management capabilities, strong marketing tools, search engine optimization and goods catalog administration. Basically, it's a plug-in which gives you a capability to create online stores. And the primary benefit is its easiness of managing it with ease and good accessibility.

WooCommerce is another platform which has a lot of different topics and templates. Nevertheless, there's an essential issue which is poor scaling. A skilled specialist can be found easily. But, we should listen to the fact that a few years ago, WooCommerce was hacked. Hackers received information from users’ credit cards. This problem was fixed, nevertheless, it left disagreeable memories in this plug-in history. 

With WooCommerce you are able to control it without stress, have plenty of free themes to choose from, and there are numerous skilled professionals. On the opposite side, it has a low rate of security as well as a low speed of scaling. The top companies utilizing WooCommerce is PrestaShop which is among the few e-commerce Content Management System that's completely free. This Content Management System has a convenient control panel and elastic settings.


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